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UMACA( US-Mali Charitable Association) is a 501-C3 non profit organization devoted to women and children causes.We provide Immigrant families going through tough times with clothing, groceries, books, toys, etc.

Most Immigrant women and children have to go to distant places for basic health care and education due to lack of knowledge pertaining to resources. New York City is home to over 3 Million immigrants. Of that number, hundreds of thousands of people have been driven out of their home countries due to high poverty levels and violence. Women and children are a vulnerable population and have been subjected to physical and emotional abuse. The violence,intimidation, lack of education and extreme poor conditions that a large portion of the immigrant population in NYC faced in their native countries has been a great factor in making the transition to American life much more difficult for them. For many, their freedom and dignity have been stripped away from them and they have not found the right guidance to make them active and empowered members of society.


UMACA aspires to strengthen and empower families who have had a difficult life and journey.